Website DIY

The purpose of these pages is to help those who would like to build their own websites.  Hello, brave souls!

I know it can seem a daunting project if you’re not a so-called techie, but the options have gotten better by the year for people interested in creating good-looking, functional, inexpensive websites for themselves.  There are a lot of helpful tools out there, many of them free.

Why take the time to write this?  I’m tired of seeing artists and small business owners wasting precious resources on overpriced or overcomplicated custom sites (or on mediocre hosted services directed toward niche markets).  Sure, if having a super-swank website with cutting edge design and advanced functionality is important to your business model, then you need to invest a decent amount of dough.  But if you simply need to have a respectable web presence — so that you have a URL to put on your business card, and so that potential customers or fans or employers will find satisfying results to their googling — then you can build it yourself in a matter of hours.  

Here’s a step-by-step to get you started.